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USB keeps in touch with alumni all over the world in various ways:

AlumNET​, USB’s newsletter for alumni, combines general news about the School with alumni-specific news. This keeps alumni updated on the School and its activities, and also on fellow alumni. If you have suggestions for alumni news stories, please send them to​.

USB ThoughtPrint at is the home of the practical business knowledge generated at USB. This includes videos, articles, opinion pieces, podcasts and more.

Alumni can interact with us on these platforms:

linkedin.png LinkedIn
Join our main Alumni LinkedIn page to network with USB alumni from all over the globe and to discuss business topics. Also join our separate Alumni regional groups on LinkedIn to collaborate with alumni and committee members in your area.

Main group:  University of Stellenbosch Business School Alumni


Univ​ersity of Stellenbosch Business School Alumni 

​​USB Alumni Western Cape

USB Alumni Gauteng

USB Alumni KwaZulu-Natal

USB Alumni Eastern Cape

USB Alumni Mpumalanga

​USB Alumni Namibia

USB Alumni Leadership

USB Alumni Futures

USB Executive Development network

Please note: These names are case sensitive. Because the alumni groups on LinkedIn are closed groups, administrators have to check your year of graduation before allowing you to join.

You are also welcome to follow our general open USB LinkedIn group for all school related news and events:
University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)

twitter.png Twitter
Follow us on Twitter for news on events and the latest business trends: @USB​Alumni or @StellenboschUSB. You can also immediately see updates of the latest Leader’s Angle talks using the hash tag #USBLA.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to find videos of our Leader’s Angle talks, seminars, workshops, interviews and other events: University of Stellenbosch Business School USB.

Alumni are invited to contact the USB Alumni Office at USBAlumn​ to share news about job promotions and to give us feedback on the School’s e-news, publications, social initiatives and more.