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The School builds relationships with its alumni through its Alumni Relations function. Both the School and the alumni benefit from this relationship.


Academic input from alumni

  • Membership of USB Advisory Board: USB values the input of alumni in the academic affairs of the School. Alumni help USB to stay in touch with the needs of the business world through their representation (via the USB Alumni Association) on the USB Advisory Board. The president and the chairperson of the USB Alumni Association’s ExCo are members of the USB Advisory Board, providing a vital link or high-level communication between alumni and the School regarding the academic affairs of the School.
  • Corporate Roundtables: Alumni participate in Corporate Roundtable sessions – advisory committees consisting of industry leaders and alumni around the world who provide input on USB’s academic programmes.
  • Mentorship for students: Some alumni volunteer to mentor MBA and other students and also Small Business Academy participants. The details of these volunteer alumni are recorded on a database, allowing the School to match alumni with students in the same industry or work field.

Staying part of the USB family

  • Engagement on a personal level: Keeping contact with alumni as individuals is important to the School. After all, our alumni’s success is our success. As life-long brand ambassadors of USB, alumni spread the word about the School through their career progress and achievements. Through their success, USB’s alumni strengthen the value of the School’s academic offering.

Giving back to society

  • Mentorship of Small Business Academy participants: Deserving initiatives, such as USB’s Small Business Academy (USB SBA), are generously supported by alumni. Alumni act as mentors on the Small Business Academy Development Programme, helping small business owners from low-income communities to obtain practical business skills in a one-on-one setup. The mentorship part of the SBA Development Programme is highly rated by the participants.
  • USB Bursary Scheme: Alumni’s professional success is often made tangible to the next generation of graduates in the form of funding and sponsorships. Alumni are involved in fundraising for the USB Bursary Fund, a project of the USB Future Fund.


Access to lifelong learning

  • Life-long learning: Opportunities for ongoing learning are provided through academic programmes, seminars, workshops, master classes, MBA electives, the MBA International Study Tour module at foreign business schools (various options plus the EMBA Consortium options​​​), USB-ED’s non-degree programmes and business talks (such as Leader’s Angle). These opportunities are mostly offered on the USB campus in the Tyger Valley business district or in cities such as Johannesburg, Durban, Windhoek and Lagos.
  • Career Services offering: Alumni are invited to events arranged by the USB Career Services Office on topics such as career planning and career development. Alumni are also given access to appropriate jobs via the Career Services Jobs portal.

Networking and engaging with peers

  • Networking events: Events allow USB to keep in touch with its alumni. Throughout the year, USB arranges events that allow alumni to network. This includes events at USB, in other South African cities and beyond the borders of the country.

Lifelong access to business knowledge

  • USB ThoughtPrint: This includes the USB ThoughtPrint portal on the School’s website. This searchable repository contains the knowledge created by USB’s local and international business people, faculty, students, visiting lecturers and other guest speakers in the form of articles, videos, podcasts and presentations. Some of the articles on the site allow alumni to make comments online. These comments are monitored to see if they can be taken further in follow-up articles.
  • Research: This section on the USB website provides access to the research generated by USB faculty members, research journals, research centres, and MBA, MPhil and PhD students.
  • Continued access to USB’s library: USB alumni can access the library on the campus free of charge. Lending privileges for alumni who reside within a 150 km radius from USB amount to R315 per annum and come with a host of benefits and services, including loans, access to electronic resources, photocopying and printouts. Alumni can also use the library search engine SUNSearch online and off-campus to search for books and articles. Find more information at​.

Continuous communication

  • Regular communication: This includes USB’s newsletters, social media (LinkedIn general, LinkedIn per region, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) and the USB website.
  • Regular invitations and access to information: Information on networking and learning events is spread via USB’s Events Calendar, newsletters, social media, regional communication and other platforms.


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