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USB advertising: Elephant campaign

USB uses the elephant as an icon for its advertising and marketing campaigns

The message of the USB Elephant Campaign is that USB is an African business school, proud of its African heritage. USB is a depository of African wealth – its culture, its sophistication and its business wisdom. As such, USB is globally distinguished as the business knowledge partner in Africa (the USB vision). The purpose of the campaign is to align the business school’s advertising with its vision and strategy.

USB sells intangible services and needed an icon (the elephant) in the campaign as a symbol to capture the essence of the USB brand. Elephants are representative of Africa and already an African icon.

With its wisdom, strength, responsibility and agility, the elephant is a leader in the African bush. It finds established sources of water and digs through soil for fresh streams. In this it leads its herd to water and other animals.

This is the promise of a USB qualification. Upon graduation, the promise of USB is to make you a responsible leader in any environment in which you may find yourself. Our qualifications will give you the agility and creativity to thrive under pressure and to make decisions that will affect generations to come.

The characteristics of the elephant that resonate with USB are, among others, its leadership skills, responsibility, ingenuity, robustness, strength, resilience and also its enormous presence and wisdom.

Examples of the current campaign