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USB SBA Research Unit

Understanding small businesses in Khayelitsha

The USB SBA Research Unit undertakes research on various aspects of small business development in Khayelitsha in order to gain an understanding of, among others, the diversity, challenges, financing and support structures of small businesses in these areas.

This is called the Khayelitsha Small-Business Project and it forms part of the activities of the Small Business Academy (SBA) at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB).

The USB SBA Research Unit is headed by Prof Wolfgang Thomas, professor extraordinaire at the Business School. His areas of expertise include Economics and Doing Business in Africa. This research is sponsored by Allianz.

For further information, contact Prof WH Thomas at or on 082 770 9694.

SBA Fact Sheets currently available

Fact Sheet 01/2014: Supporting Small Business Development in Khayelitsha

Fact Sheet 02/2014: Diversity of Businesses in Khayelitsha

Fact Sheet 03/2014: Needs and Challenges of Small Businesses in Khayelitsha

Fact Sheet 04/2014: Players in the Process of Small-Business Support

Fact Sheet 05/2014: Financing Businesses in Khayelitsha: Needs and Sources

Fact Sheet 06/2014: Need and Scope for Education and Training in Khayelitsha’s Small-Business Sphere

Fact Sheet 07/2014: SMME Support via the Provincial Government of the Western Cape