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The USB50 commemorative book is now available at a special price for a limited period

This year, the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) is in its 52nd year of providing top quality business education. The USB50 book that was compiled in 2014 to celebrate the School’s 50-year anniversary, is now available at a special price for a limited period.

Special price for limited period (choose between softcover and hardcover):
  • The softcover edition now costs R280 per copy (was R330)
  • The hardcover edition now costs R520 per copy (was R650)
  • Packaging and postage amount to R30 (or you may collect your copy from USB)
  • You can pay with your credit card or do an EFT.  If you do an EFT, you must please send your proof of payment to​.
​Offer ends on 29 February 2016.

About the book
This full-colour book of 160 pages tells the University of Stellenbosch Business School’s story in text and photographs. In 1964, USB started with 14 local Part-time MBA students. Today, USB has become a top-ranked school with three international accreditations and over 1 200 students registered for various programmes.

This book does not only give a chronological account of what had happened when and where. It does more than that. It captures the spirit of USB by telling its stories through many of the people who have crossed its path – students, staff, alumni and others. These stories won’t be found in the minutes of meetings or other official documents. Yet they carry much of the humanity, determination, caring and even humour for which the Sch​ool has become known over and above its academic rigour.
USB’s story is one of learning and growing – a story that says anything is possible when it starts with an open mind and a will to make things happen.

The book was compiled by Dr Joan Kruger, an expert writer and editor. The design of the book is professionally done by TIP Africa Publishing, an award-winning publishing house. The book is published in English, with selected sections in Afrikaans as well.​​​​​