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Doctoral Research in Completed


Akotey, Joseph Oscar: The impact of microinsurance on household welfare in Ghana.

Mthimkulu, Alfred Mbekezeli: Small enterprise development in South Africa: an exploration of the constraints and job creation potential.

Wesson, NicoleneAn empirical model of choice between share repurchases and dividends for companies in selected JSE-listed sectors.      


Adenutsi, Deodat Emilson:Financial liberation and international remittances in Sub-Saharan Africa: A panel data analysis.

Kruger, Hannelie: Brand tarnishment: An empirical investigation of a legal concept.

Wepener, Marie LouisaThe development of a new instrument to ensure client-based reputation in the service industry.


Nyazema, Martha Matifadza: Developing an empowerment framework for broad-based black economic empowerment in the hotel industry in South Africa.


Boehlandt, FlorianSingle manager hedge funds - aspects of classification and diversification.

Coetzee, Johan J: Systemic corruption and corrective change management strategies: A study of the co-producers of systemic corruption and its negative impact on socio-economic development.

Djolov, George: Challenges of measuring business concentration: The role of official statistics in determining market competition.

Engelbrecht, Marianne: The art of shapeshifting: Facilitating strategic foresight to independent non-executive directors - a strategic approach to corporate governance in SA.

Heckroodt, Steyn: A study for an expanded conceptual scanning framework and the impact on current business environment scanning: A systems thinking approach 


Lochner, Frederick Christoffel: The functionality grid as paradigm for management of technology 

Nitschke, Christian: A model for the sustainability of local suppliers in the South African automotive value chain 

Raubenheimer, Heidi: Managing portfolio managers: The impacts of market concentration, cross-sectional return dispersion and restrictions on short sales


Cruywagen, Marie: Knowledge-centric capabilities: A configurational approach 

Kiweu, Josephat Mboya: The critical success factors for commercialising microfinance institutions in Africa 

Korutaro, Birungi: Measuring the barriers to investment in emerging economies: The case of some African countries 

Tassiopoulos, Dimitri: An investigation into the co-producers of preferred strategic behaviour in small, micro and medium tourism enterprises in South Africa


Drotskie, Adri: Customer experience as the strategic differentiator in retail banking 


Conway, Miles V: An empirical study of South African business forecasting practices in the context of Western benchmarks 

Brown, Warren Gerhard Pearce: Fund and manager characteristics: Determinants of investment performance 

Le Roux, Leonie: The development of an instructional design model as a strategic enabler for sustainable competitive advantage​