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Research philosophy

A combination of scientific rigour and managerial relevance

USB's PhD may be described as a practice-based programme since knowledge is advanced partly by means of the professional application of the discipline. It combines scientific rigour and managerial relevance, and consequently PhD students must be able to demonstrate that they have a theoretical as well as a practical appreciation and understanding of their research area.

To develop applicable knowledge underpinned by theory and practice, PhD students need to:

  • Conduct action research on challenging, real-world problems, and
  • Develop personal and transferable skills which can be used in a range of applied situations.

The aim is to link the two areas of theory and practice in such a way that this results in "hybrid vigour".

Research that is relevant for SA organisations

​USB also emphasises the creation of knowledge that is particularly relevant to South African organisations, be they in the private or public sector, and from there to beyond our borders. This forms part of our social responsibility to strengthen our country to the benefit of all those involved.​