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Structure and content

The programme in a nutshell

  • Programme format: This is a modular programme. Students attend two blocks of classes on the USB campus over a period of one year. This allows you to study while you work. It also enables participants from elsewhere in South Africa or in other countries to attend.
  • Course methodology: A mix of interactive lectures/course material, and case studies. Handbooks, guidelines, articles, journal articles and a matrix /checklists will serve as reference material for future project design and delivery.
  • Credits: 120 credits (NQF level 8)

Core modules (do all six)

  • Finance and Development in Africa
  • Research Orientation
  • Small-scale Enterprise Development and Finance
  • Principles of Finance
  • Risk Management in Development Finance Institutions
  • Public-Private Partnerships

Electives (choose two)

  • Leadership in Development Finance
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Agricultural Finance
  • Mortgage and Housing Finance