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When a career takes flight

​Roswitha Becker, who attended USB-ED’s Executive Development Programme (EDP) in 2011, has been awarded with the prestigious 2014 Businesswoman of the Year Award. She talks about her career, curiosity and caring.

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As general manager at Global Load Control (GLC), Roswitha is responsible for the strategic, commercial and operational success of GLC globally. Her team members are spread across three centres in Cape Town, Brno in Czech Republic and Istanbul in Turkey. With services being delivered to a number of airlines at over 150 airports worldwide, her focus is on the sustainability of the business in all spheres.

"I believe in doing the change the world needs doing. My colleagues tell me that I have an addiction to excellence and building things. But mainly, I think I'm very curious and have a need for challenges. I gain the greatest satisfaction in my work from developing others. The Businesswoman of the Year Award is an amazing recognition, not just for what I have achieved, but especially for what my mentors and team have achieved. It is a very meaningful process that enables you to take stock of your career and personal development. It aids the development of leadership. Any success story is never just one person.

Life at Global Load Control

Ten years ago, Roswitha's team set out to build an organisation with a service delivery model that simply did not yet exist. With one of their planes taking off every 55 seconds, GLC ensures that millions of passengers reach their destinations safely each day. They have won some of the most prestigious quality and safety awards in their industry. "I take great pride in the achievements of people whose success I have been privileged to contribute to. Many of our colleagues have gone on to build stellar careers in various industries globally and we continue as a team to set the benchmark in excellence."

She studied law and accidentally ended up in aviation. Her first job involved calculating the centre of gravity for aircraft. In 2006 she was appointed in her first leadership role, heading up the Cape Town centre. Being involved in many projects that ranged from human resources to business development prepared her for her current role. Despite many challenges along the way, Roswitha's career has taken her around the world and allowed her to make meaningful contributions to the aviation industry as well as the societies GLC touches as a business.


The value of USB-ED's Executive Development Programme (EDP)

"The EDP represents a seminal moment in my career and more importantly in my leadership development. The exposure was fantastic and the embedded philosophy of leadership and sustainability really took my work to the next level. Before the EDP I was not as conscious of the influence and responsibility I had beyond my immediate sphere in our business and therefore was not making as much of a contribution as I could. I gained professional skills to take our business to the next level and also grew personally to let go of any remnants of passivity holding a leadership position. The EDP assisted me to step into an authentic leadership role."



Roswitha would like to continue to work at a global level in diverse contexts and to complete a PhD. She is inspired by ordinary South Africans who go the extra mile to build the country, often in the face of great diversity. In terms of leadership she is inspired by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu for his unwavering sense of ethics, gentle heart and great sense of humour.

Roswitha loves spending time with her family and two dogs, and enjoys being in nature. She is an avid traveller and loves to explore new places.

Roswitha's career tips

  • Don't be passive about creating your own success story. Don't wait to be discovered.
  • Surround yourself with people who are different to you and are willing to criticise you.
  • Invest in your own learning and development and that of your team.

The Businesswoman of the Year Award, conferred by the Businesswomen's Association of South Africa, recognises achievement in business and leadership

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